the film cast press forum
What is art?
  featured cast

the fashion competition (Junk to Funk)
jen la mastra
ruth waddy
taylor cass stevenson
kristin olson-huddle

featured artists
marita dingus
diane kurzyna (ruby re-usable)
ross palmer beacher
stephen rock
dave bloomfield
kuros zahedi
thor myhre

featured musicians
junquestra (rob noe, ben schroeder, matt de amico, audrey harrison, josh lava, paul evans, hope medford)
scrapartsmusic (justine murdy, gregory kozak)

special guests
ronald moore — Professor of Philosophy of Art, Univ. of Washington
charles thomson — artist, co-founder of Stuckism
monica aufrecht — Lecturer of Philosophy and Environmental Ethics, Simon Fraser University
deborah paine — Curator and Collections Manager Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs
tom watson — King County Recycling and Environmental Services - EcoConsumer columnist for the Seattle Times
jo gallaugher — Owner and Curator of Matter Gallery, Olympia, WA

supporting artists
robin worley
brian mock
tamara adlin
jen girard

special thanks
lindsey newkirk (Junk to Funk), kristie maxim, jason darling (the ReStore), lance carlton, rebecca maxim, ari derfel, emily alexander, francine seders (francine seders gallery), greg kucera gallery, seattle art museum gallery

Junk to Funk fashion designers
brian leavitt, brady lange, aliyah indra & jen dzienis, peggy mead, emily rogers, emily hyde, taylor cass stevenson, kristin olson-huddle, sarah lynn svbodny, rebecca ross, emily lalonde, ruth waddy, jen lamastra, emma & ellie pelett, rio wrenn, sudan price & janice archer

Junk to Funk hosts & judges
mayor sam adams (portland, or), marjorie skinner, lindsey newkirk, kelley carmichael, adam arnold, kristen calhoun, prasenjit tito chowdhury, ronda chapman-duery


written, produced, directed & edited
angela pesta

co-produced, cinematography, animation
sean mitchell

original music

title sculpture
thor myhre




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